2016-17 Budget 'Air Ball'

SACRAMENTO –Today, Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, released the following statement regarding his 'No' vote on the $122.2 billion 2016-17 state budget:

“The State Controller has acknowledged that incoming revenue is already below the economic forecast, yet Governor Jerry Brown and the majority party pushed for new programs and additional spending.

Last month, the Governor and key special interests cut a backroom deal to raise the minimum wage, a policy the governor cautioned against in January for fear of economic repercussions. The ramifications of this policy are already coming back to haunt taxpayers.

Although I'm pleased an additional $2 billion was put aside in the Rainy Day Fund, the policies pushed by the majority party are simply not sustainable long-term. The Department of Finance projects that at current levels of spending, the state will have a $4 billion budget deficit by 2019, which ironically is when Governor Brown leaves office.

This budget does not represent what my constituents desire and deserve – more water and road infrastructure, safer neighborhoods, and a world-class education system that produces our next global leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists. 

The Golden State Warriors may be in the NBA Finals, but the majority party shot an 'air ball' when it comes to protecting hard working families in the Golden State.”