Assembly Privacy Committee Holds Inaugural Informational Hearing

SACRAMENTO - Today Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, participated in the inaugural Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee Informational Hearing. The hearing was the first of its kind that allowed audience members and listeners from all over the state to ask questions about the committee and its jurisdiction.

In December Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, named Wilk as Vice Chair of this groundbreaking committee, which will have jurisdiction over all aspects of privacy from Internet media to consumer retail information to electronic medical records.

Wilk released the following statement:

“Since the IT Revolution, privacy has come under assault and will continue to do so as long as consumers use technology to give themselves more choice and a better quality of life. This committee is tasked with the delicate balance of protecting privacy while not thwarting the marketplace.

My hope for this committee is to enhance consumer protection without stifling innovation – particularly by picking winners or losers in the marketplace.

Although putting a definition to our committee's jurisdiction has been quite difficult, I believe our jurisdiction will grow organically and I know all committee members feel the weight of the precedent setting decisions we will be asked to make.

I challenge each of us to find the discipline and discernment to know when government should intervene legislatively to ensure privacy and when to allow the private sector to lead.”