Assemblyman Wilk Co-Authors and Votes for Water Bond Legislation

SACRAMENTO – Today Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R- Santa Clarita, responds to the passage of SB 866 (Wolk) the compromise water bond on the November ballot. Wilk stated:

“There is a great deal to be pleased with in this compromise measure: it shaves nearly 4 billion in bond debt off the existing bond measure, which saves our kids from that amount in debt load for the future; it nearly meets all that Republicans asked for in water storage monies; and while the conveyance of that storage remains unclear, there is a commitment from Governor Brown to meet that need with follow up legislation next year.

“Still, the historic lack of leadership on water infrastructure by the Governor and Democratic leaders has not been completely reversed. This drought crisis is government-inflicted, and it is arguable whether this fix will prevent it from happening to us again in the future.

“For years, California leaders have pushed aside the problems of our inadequate water infrastructure so, not surprisingly in California, when a drought came we were unprepared and Californians, the agricultural industry and our economy suffered. What those leaders failed to grasp is the more water we save with reservoirs, the less likely we will find ourselves in the same position when the next drought is visited upon us, which it surely will be.”