Assemblyman Wilk Congratulates Youngest Electoral College Member

SACRAMENTO – Christopher Tumbiero, the youngest member of the Electoral College, met with Assemblyman Scott Wilk's Capitol office staff on Monday. Tumbiero, along with his American Government Teacher Brian Dennert, spoke with Wilk about his experience casting his vote as a member of the Electoral College.

The members of the Electoral College convened Monday afternoon in Assembly chambers to cast their 55 votes for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The state Electoral College vote took place on Monday at 2 p.m.

At 18 years old, Christopher Tumbiero was the youngest member of the state's Electoral College delegation. Tumbiero attends Royal High School in Simi Valley which is located in the 38th Assembly District.

“The Electoral College is a historic tradition in our Republican form of government and I'm glad Chris was selected to play a role on the process. He is an outstanding young man and I congratulated him on being part of history and encouraged him to pursue his passions in life,” Wilk stated.

“Christopher was recommended for this opportunity based on his good character. I also wanted him to think bigger about life,” said Dennert.

Asked about his future plans Tumbiero remarked, “I have an interest in law and I'm hoping to get into politics later in life.”

When Assemblyman Wilk asked Tumbiero about the rest of his Sacramento plans and he responded by saying he had to get back to school for a test.