Kick Concrete honored as Wilk's Small Business of the Month

SACRAMENTO—Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, has honored Kick Concrete as his November Small Business of the Month. Cedric White, the Chief Operating Officer at Kirk Concrete, and his wife Keysha White received the award from Wilk surrounded by clients, local officials, and fellow business owners at the Chimbole Cultural Center.

“Cedric and Keysha have dedicated so much of their time and resources to our community. While Kick Concrete has only been open four years, their generosity has made a tremendous difference in the community,” said Wilk. “I couldn’t be happier to honor such deserving. They personify what makes the Antelope Valley such a welcoming home for so many of us.”

Kick Concrete is located in Palmdale and does a wide variety of concrete construction projects including roads, highways, and sidewalks. In addition to being a small business owner, Cedric and Keysha are active in many local organizations.

Cedric serves as the President for the Black Chamber of Commerce in the Antelope Valley. This group volunteers to support and advocate for each other’s businesses and keeping others up to date with the latest laws and trends for businesses. The Whites also started their own non-profit called AV Community Uplift Foundation. Through their non-profit, Cedric and Keysha have been able to provide a variety of services to youths, formerly incarcerated, and senior citizens. These services include educational workshops, tutoring, various athletic activities, assistance with college application, job applications, and meals to senior citizens and their families.

“It is an honor to highlight the good work Cedric, Keysha and the folks at Kick Concrete do for our community. The outpouring of support here today makes it pretty clear just how loved Cedric and Keysha are in the Antelope Valley,” said Wilk. “Congratulations and thank you for the hard work, love and dedication you provide to the Antelope Valley.”

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