Pavley/Wilk Aliso Canyon moratorium legislation passes Assembly floor

SACRAMENTO –Today, Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, presented Senate Bill 380 on the Assembly floor as a coauthor on behalf of lead author Senator Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills. SB 380 provides a statutory framework for the wells at Aliso Canyon to be evaluated, and the potential risks to the community minimized, before injections resume at the facility. The measure was approved and passed the Assembly on a bipartisan vote.

“Many families affected by the gas leak remain concerned about moving back into their homes,” Wilk said. “SB 380 is vital to ensuring that any new injections of natural gas and use of vintage wells at the Aliso Canyon storage facility are safe. I will continue to fight for the residents of Porter Ranch and I also thank Senator Pavley for her leadership on this issue.”

SB 380 provides statutory certainty to the affected community that the safety evaluation of the wells will be thorough and effective.  The measure will ensure that operations at the Aliso Canyon storage facility do not rapidly return to resuming injections into and withdrawals from wells that have not been sufficiently inspected for leaks.

“My constituents, including some who have not yet returned to their homes out of fear for their family's safety, want to know that all necessary steps are being taken to ensure their safety and to allow life in their community to finally return to normal,” said Senator Pavley. “SB 380 provides that assurance. I am grateful that the Assembly has agreed to put safety first, and look forward to the Senate sending this bill to the governor very soon.”

SB 380 will now return to the Senate for a final vote to concur with amendments that were added in the Assembly.