Republican Leader-elect Wilk issues statement on lifting of stay at home orders

Sacramento – Senate Republican Leader-elect Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita)  issued a statement today on Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to lift Regional Stay at Home Orders statewide:

“While this is great news for businesses and their employees up and down California, it begs the question, why now? The Administration’s data metrics are secret, they are ‘too complicated’ for anyone to understand. Are they really too complicated or are they just driven by politics? Who knows?

“One day everything is closed and we are in crisis.  The next day it is all open.  How are small business owners and their employees supposed to plan? How can anyone be sure the Governor will not shut us down again tomorrow?

“The Legislature ceded its authority to the Governor a year ago to address the pandemic and to date Democratic legislative leadership has refused to restore its constitutional authority. One-man rule is only serving one person well, Gavin Newsom. I urge my colleagues to re-establish the Legislature’s authority, and put this state back on strong footing where decisions are driven by scientific data and transparency rules the day.”