Senator Wilk Responds to Governor Brown's Proposed Budget

Senator Scott Wilk, R-Antelope Valley, issued the following statement in response to Governor Jerry Brown's 2017-18 Budget Proposal:

“The governor’s budget proposal continues to show a lack of commitment to solving our state’s biggest issues. While tipping his hat to fiscal responsibility by limiting spending in some areas, he has also laced this proposal with pet projects to the tune of several billion dollars.

“Failing to adequately serve the needs of Californians in areas of roads, water storage and public education in order to make room for High Speed Rail and other gubernatorial pipe-dreams is not responsible in any way, fiscally or otherwise.

“While I am disappointed with today’s proposal, I remain inspired by Californians who voted to approve the Rainy Day Fund, mandating nearly 2 percent of this year’s budget be set aside for leaner times. I am proud to a have co-authored that measure and remain committed to finding new ways to preserve our state’s economic livelihood.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to rework much of the governor’s proposed spending to more moderate and equitable levels. We must capitalize on our increased revenue to fix our roads, solve our water crisis, maximize education funding and prepare ourselves for the inevitable economic downturn by paying our debts and limiting long-term funding commitments.”