Senator Wilk Secures Approval to Expedite Consumer Relief on High Natural Gas Bills

Decision follows letter from Senator Wilk and California Legislative Republicans to CPUC

Sen. Scott Wilk and his California Legislative Republican colleagues commended the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for voting to pay the annual gas and electric credit to consumers as soon as possible.

“Families in my district are already struggling with expensive gasoline, food and rent prices,” said Senator Wilk. “A natural gas bill that’s two or three times higher than usual is simply not okay. I’m thankful for the CPUC’s quick action in getting this credit out and providing people in need with much-needed relief.”

The action comes after Senator Wilk and California Legislative Republicans sent a letter to the CPUC urging it to approve and disburse the state credit immediately.

Depending on the utility company, this year’s credit is scheduled to run between $29 and $132 per qualifying customer. The SoCal Gas credit, for example, is estimated to be $50.77.