Senator Wilk Urges State Action to Reduce Burdens on High Natural Gas Bills

Sen. Scott Wilk, along with his California Senate Republican colleagues, is urging the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to immediately disburse a state credit to provide customers with relief on their high natural gas bills.

“Gas bills are two or three times higher than normal. Residents in my district are calling my office understandably in shock – this is not ok,” Wilk said. “With overnight temperatures expected to be freezing this week, using natural gas to stay warm is not a choice, it is a must. I’m calling on the CPUC to act and immediately distribute this credit to provide those struggling with a much-needed break.”

Senator Wilk added this year’s credit for SoCal Gas customers is scheduled to be about $50.77 per qualifying customer. On Thursday February 2, 2023, the CPUC will hold a meeting to decide on expediting the disbursement of the state credit. 

More information on that meeting can be found here. You can also read Senator Wilk’s letter to the CPUC here