Simi Valley POA's Identity Confirmation Act Passes Assembly Floor

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Scott Wilk's, R-Santa Clarita, Identity Confirmation Act to require motorists to provide law enforcement with an unobstructed view of his or her full face for examination along with their license passed with a vote of 76-1 off the Assembly Floor.

This bill addresses a large safety concern, and gives law enforcement the necessary tools to successfully uphold the law.

“Recently in my district, an instance occurred during a traffic stop regarding a motorcyclist refusing to remove his helmet,” Wilk said. “This prevented law enforcement from successfully confirming that the photo on the driver's license was indeed the motorcyclist and could have put the police officers life in danger.”

The idea for the bill was brought forth by Chris Coulter, Past President of the Simi Valley Police Officers Association.

A license by itself only provides evidence of the licensee's identity; it does not establish that the driver and the licensee are the same person. Assembly Bill 346 would close this loophole and include that a motorist must provide law enforcement with an unobstructed view, or his or her full face, for examination along with their license.

Next, AB 346 heads to the Senate for deliberation.