Three Wilk Bills Pass the Senate Floor

SACRAMENTO – Yesterday Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R- Santa Clarita, had three bills—AB 1707, AB 2058, and AB 1130—pass the Senate Floor and will head back to the Assembly Floor for a concurrence vote and then head to the Governor for his signature.

Wilk stated, “AB 1707 and AB 2058 are positive steps toward greater government transparency. It's incumbent upon all government agencies to transact the people's business in an open manner.”

AB 1707 requires the State Water Resources Control Board to post on their web site the external peer review studies when a regional board changes a community's regulatory standards, affording community access to science based regulation decisions.

AB 2058 solidifies public access to meetings of state entities by ensuring that all standing committees are subject to the transparency of open meeting regulations, regardless of the size of its membership.

AB 1130 streamlines the application process required of out-of-state applicants for a home protection company license, encouraging out-of-state businesses to come to California.