Wilk: 2015-16 Final Budget 'Misses the Mark'

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R- Santa Clarita, released the following statement regarding the $115.4 billion state budget:

“Today I voted 'no' on the largest budget in state history. Despite all-time record spending, this document misses the mark when addressing California's priorities.

This budget short-changes K-14 students. This budget underfunds Proposition 98 and diverts monies to other programs.  Furthermore, we didn't lift the local school district 3% reserve cap that was placed in last year's budget trailer bill.  Students deserve full funding and local school districts must be given the tools to manage their financial resources.

This budget doesn't address the drought.  As we enter our fourth year of the drought, little has been done to address our ongoing water crisis.  Instead of focusing on water storage and conveyance, the legislature is abdicating its duty by granting new, broad powers to the unelected State Water Quality Control Board.

This budget will encourage more illegal immigration.  The Medi-Cal system is not meeting the needs of current recipients.  Yet this budget extends Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented minors.  Last session this body passed AB 60 which granted drivers licenses to the undocumented. AB 60 coupled with this new Medi-Cal expansion will serve as an additional incentive to encourage illegal immigration to our state.

This budget lacks compassion. During the 'Great Recession' the state severely slashed funding to the developmental disability community.  This year we failed to keep our promise of restoring these cuts to those who are most in need of services.

Governor Brown has called two extraordinary sessions dealing with transportation and Medi-Cal.  With a record budget we could have chosen to begin to address these priorities.  Instead of living within our means, I fear Governor Brown and the majority party will be unveiling a 'tax and spend' plan to address challenges during the extraordinary sessions.”