Wilk among the top dogs according to PawPAC

Scores an "A" for his 2018 voting record

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, has received an “A” grade from PawPAC, an organization dedicated to the passage of humane laws and election of humane legislators.

“My wife Vanessa and I are blessed with two children, a grandson and two precious dogs. Our four-legged family members give us nothing but joy. The idea that someone could hurt an animal - or that something we allow could endanger one - is chilling, which is why I introduced legislation last year to crack down on animal abusers. PawPAC does good work for the animals of California.  I am one human that is honored to have my efforts recognized and will continue to advocate for policies that support the humane treatment of animals.”

According to the PawPAC website, it was created in 1980 as the first organization dedicated to the election of candidates for state office in California who are committed to the well-being of animals.  Many organizations work to help animals, but PawPAC is unique by helping to make sure that the laws protect all animals, whether in farms, in the wild or in homes.

The scorecard is located here.

Avi and Simi Wilk relaxing at home
AV and Simi Wilk relaxing at home

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