Wilk and Lackey 'take them out to the ball game'

Legislators host a pre-game event for local AV Youth at JetHawks Home Stadium

Legislators host a pre-game event for local AV Youth at JetHawks Home Stadium

Sacramento – Senator Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, and Assemblyman Tom Lackey hosted an event at “The Hangar” the Lancaster JetHawks Home Stadium for approximately 250 local children and parents who have not had the opportunity to see a professional baseball team in action. 

“Being a lifelong Dodgers fan, taking a child to see his or her first professional baseball game is one of life’s greatest experiences,”  said Wilk. “Running the bases before the game, eating hot dogs and meeting the players are the stuff dreams are made of for kids.  This was a great event and I am so thankful to the JetHawks for making this possible.”

“Sports are a powerful way to learn life lessons about hard work, persistence and how to achieve your goals. I am so proud that young people from across the Antelope Valley were able to attend this outstanding event put on by the JetHawks,” said Lackey.  

“This was a fantastic event which we were very happy to support.  Giving back to the community is of utmost importance to our organization as well as the Colorado Rockies.  It was great to welcome so many new faces to the Hangar, and hopefully their experience will turn them into life-long JetHawks fans,” stated JetHawks Executive Vice President, Tom Backemeyer.  “We appreciate the hard work done by both Senator Wilk and Assemblyman Lackey to make this happen, and look forward to partnering with them for more great events in the future.”

The JetHawks is an Advanced “A” Affiliate Baseball team of the Colorado Rockies . The JetHawks hitting coach Tom Sutaris, and players Allen Trejo and Wes Rogers spoke with the kids about the importance of staying in school and preparing their minds and bodies for the future.  The players shared personal stories about the importance of keeping fit, eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol.  

Lunch was provided by the IBEW (the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).

“The JetHawks went out of their way to make this a special day for our guests,” said Wilk. “Thank you to the IBEW and to all those who made this such a memorable day.”

Senator Wilk and Assemblyman Lackey spoke to the children before throwing out the first pitch. Clearly the pitch was lucky as the JetHawks outmaneuvered the Quakes 10-9.  A great game – a good time was had by all.