Wilk announces legislative solution to National Guard 'clawback' failures

SACRAMENTO - Today, Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, announced legislation that will bring financial relief to soldiers who acted in good faith but were, nonetheless, wrapped up in the recently exposed “clawback” scandal. The bill will include language alleviating any tax burden relating to the enlistment bonuses.

“I have spoken at length with the Franchise Tax Board and they have assured me that they are conducting a thorough investigation into potential tax exemptions for these soldiers,” said Wilk. “Unfortunately, at the state level we do not have the authority to relieve these soldiers of the debt; that has to be done at a federal level. However, there are several options for California legislators to mitigate the effects on our soldiers and I will pursue every possible avenue to ensure these men and women are made financially whole.”

Wilk went on to assure California's soldiers that he will continue to lobby the federal government to waive their debt entirely and to fully reimburse those who have already paid the bonuses back to the Department of Defense. In the meantime, Wilk pledged to continue his efforts of relief at the state level, including tax relief on any enlistment bonus payments received and any refund payments to or from the federal government.