Wilk: Annual budget shell game a slap in the face to Californians

The Governor releases his May revision, the Legislature passes 40 empty budget bills

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, R- Antelope Valley, issued the following statement regarding the Legislature’s annual budget shell game:

“As Governor Brown was scheduled today to release his updated spending plan, the Legislature passed 40 budget bills containing no content – zip, zilch, zero.

“Budget revenues are lower than expected and the governor’s numbers reflect that fact. However, with 40 empty budget bills, the majority party can now slip pet projects, controversial spending decisions and a host of other policies into the budget without a hearing or public scrutiny. Not until June when the budget is moved to the floor, will we learn how badly behaved the political elites were with the people’s money.  The best government is government that is transparent and accountable but it looks to me like backroom deals are preferred over transparency to the folks running the show in Sacramento.”