Wilk Appointed to Select Committees

Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, has been appointed to serve on four Senate select committees and one joint, Senate and Assembly committee. The Senate Rules Committee made the appointments at its hearing this week.

“Serving on these select committees is another way to engage on issues important to my district and the 931,000 constituents I represent in Sacramento,” said Wilk. “This is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the issues and work in a smaller group setting to focus on solutions.”

The Senate Rules Committee appointed Wilk to serve on the following select committees:

  • Select Committee on Aerospace and Defense
  • Select Committee on Status of Boys and Men of Color
  • Select Committee on California-Mexico Cooperation
  • Joint Committee on the Arts
  • Select Committee on California/Armenia Trade, Art, and Cultural Exchange

Select and joint committees play an important role in the legislative process by allowing for a deeper look into specific issues and policies than is practical in standing committees. Theys, hear expert testimony, study trends and develop policy proposals.

“I look forward to working with my committee colleagues to positively impact the lives of ordinary Californians,” said Wilk.