Wilk Bill Passes Unanimously Out Of Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Scott Wilk's, R- Santa Clarita, Child Performer Service Protection bill passed unanimously through the Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee today.

“This important measure will preserve the integrity of professionals within the entertainment industry and solidify the safety of children that are pursuing their career in acting or modeling,” Wilk said.

Service providers in the entertainment industry that work with children must apply for a Child Performer Services Permit. The application includes fingerprinting to check the applicant's criminal history and to screen out any sex offenders. Permit holders are registered in a searchable online database.

AB 1680 requires permit holders to display their Child Performer Services Permit numbers on all advertising, including internet advertising. This practice will preserve the integrity of professionals that fall under the permit's jurisdiction and solidify the safety of children starting their entertainment careers.

“Adding an additional layer of security for children in the entertainment industry, AB 1680 will help both parents and children distinguish the safest routes to fulfill their dreams,” said Wilk.