Wilk Bill to Require SCVSD to Meet in District Clears Appropriations Committee

SACRAMENTO –Assemblyman Scott Wilk's, R-Santa Clarita, Assembly Bill 951, which would require the Santa Clarita Sanitation District (SCVSD) to hold its Board meetings within the boundaries of the district passed unanimously out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

“Clearing the Appropriations Committee is a big hurdle in the legislative process,” Wilk said.

AB 951 is a product that has stemmed from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board's decision to require the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District (SCVSD) to reduce the level of chloride it discharges into the Santa Clara River. The SCVSD chose to reduce the chloride level by using Deep Well Injection (DWI) and then storing brine underground below the communities of Westridge and Stevenson Ranch. However, the communities were stunned to learn of this plan and the public outrage has made the SCVSD, at least temporarily, pull back from their proposed location.

Currently the SCVSD holds their meetings in the city of Whittier, 50 miles from the community they have jurisdiction over. Naturally, this discourages public testimony from ratepayers and hinders their ability from staying informed on issues that directly affect their home values and water rates.

As a result, AB 951 would require the SCVSD to hold their board meetings within the boundaries of the district.

“Had this measure already been law, residents and ratepayers would have had constructive knowledge of the proposal and the ability to comment on its efficacy, saving both the residents and SCVSD valuable time and money,” Wilk stated. “This bill will provide greater transparency and public oversight over the actions of the SCVSD Board of Directors.”