Wilk Bills Pass Assembly Floor, Headed to Governor

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R- Santa Clarita, had two bills pass the Assembly today and both are now heading to the Governor's office to be signed.

Assembly Bill 1680 will require Child Protective Services Permit holders to post their permit number on all advertisements, including online advertisements, for an additional layer of security for children in the entertainment industry.

This important measure will preserve the integrity of professionals within the entertainment industry and solidify the safety of children starting their acting careers.

“We must keep our children safe while they pursue their dreams and this bill is step in the right direction,” stated Wilk.

The second bill passed was Assembly Bill 1906 which allows California Community Colleges to recoup maintenance costs from organizations that use their campus facilities by expanding the definition of “direct costs” to include a proportional share of the cost of maintaining, repairing, or renovating facilities.

To ensure a fair rate, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges will develop the proportional share regulations to be adopted by the Board of Governors and used by individual districts.

“Taxpayers expect their tax dollars to be spent in the classroom,” said Wilk. “This bill will ensure that outside users are required to pay their fair share for the facilities they use.”