Wilk Calls on Brown to Veto 2015-16 State Budget

SACRAMENTO – Today Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, voted “no” on AB 93, the state budget bill.  Below are his comments regarding the $117.5 billion dollar 2015-16 state budget: 

“No one should be surprised that a budget process which lacks transparency and is conducted in secret would produce a document that does not reflect the public's highest priorities – which is fiscal discipline and a re-investment in water, higher education and transportation.

It is reckless to pass a budget that is $3.2 billion higher than projected revenues. Obviously, the Democrat Leadership has never seen the movie 'Groundhog Day.' Californians deserve sunny days and not a return to the Gray skies of last decade.

I call on Governor Brown to veto this earmark-laden, bloated budget. Furthermore, my Republican colleagues pledge to work with the Governor and fiscally responsible Democrats to craft a budget that better reflects California's true priorities that will reinvigorate our state and invest in the next generation.”