Wilk community college tutoring bill clears first hurdle

Sacramento - Senator Scott Wilk, R-Antelope Valley, announces that the Senate Education Committee gave a thumbs-up to Senate Bill 1009 (SB 1009), a measure to expand access to community college tutoring.  

“Among the most effective methods for improving student success is providing supervised tutoring in whatever subjects students find they need additional help,” said Wilk. “Just a little extra help is the difference between success and failure for many students. I opt for giving students all the tools needed to succeed.”

The need for expanded tutoring access was brought to Senator Wilk’s attention by College of the Canyons (COC). Data from the COC shows a direct link between tutoring and student success. Students without any tutoring have a 70 percent success rate in a class. But for students receiving tutoring, those numbers climb: 78 percent with 1 to 9 hours of assistance, 80 percent with 10 to19 hours, and an impressive 82 percent with 20 plus hours of assistance.

Currently, colleges receive funding for tutoring in basic skills courses, such as remedial English or math, but not for other courses needed to transfer to a four-year institution. SB 1009 would expand that to include degree-applicable and transfer level coursework as well. In addition, it would streamline the process for seeking tutoring by eliminating the requirement for a faculty member referral before receiving help.

In addition, Senator Wilk’s Senate Bill 1036, a measure that would prohibit publication of student directory information, other than the name, during school board, charter school board, and county boards of education, meeting minutes, was unanimously passed from the same committee.

SB 1009 and 1036 will both be heard next in Senate Appropriations.