Wilk: Court Ruling on Sexual Violent Predator Jeopardizes Community’s Safety

Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) issued the following statement in response to a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge greenlighting the relocation of a violent sexual predator, Calvin Grassmier, to Littlerock:  
“I am appalled and disgusted that this judge ignored the pleas of thousands of families who plainly said 'no' to the placement of this sexually violent predator (SVP) in their community,” said Wilk.
“Rural communities have become California’s dumping ground for the worst offenders, and today’s decision is no exception. If the judge believes Calvin Grassmier needs 24/7 security/surveillance to keep the community safe, maybe a better decision all around would have been to keep him locked up.”
Senator Wilk has continued to fight for the safety of the Antelope Valley and in 2018 successfully passed Senate Bill 1199, which increased protections for rural communities, and required the courts to pursue possible placement of the SVP in their last city of residence.
More than 1000 letters and more than 3,600 signatures from a Change.org petition – which represents about one-third of the population of Littlerock and its surrounding communities – were submitted in protest of the placement of Grassmier in Littlerock. 
Media outlets previously reported that Grassmier was denied placement in La Crescenta because it was considered a family community.