Wilk honors The Brittany Foundation with the Non-Profit Appreciation Award

Nancy Anderson and Senator Wilk

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, honored The Brittany Foundation with his Non-Profit Appreciation Award during the Foundation’s Annual Memorial event and Chili Cook Off. Founder, Nancy Anderson accepted the award while surrounded by community and team members.

“The Brittany Foundation fills a unique need in our community. Taking care of our animal friends in need. The work done by the Foundation has saved the lives of more than 100 dogs per year,” said Wilk. “I love that they work hard to find good homes for hard to place dogs. It is an even greater testament to their commitment to our animals and to ensuring these animals really do find forever homes.”

The Brittany Foundation’s work runs the gamut of rescue, rehabilitation, shelter for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs. In addition, the Foundation focuses on community education and training.

Nancy estimates that because of their rescue efforts, the number of dogs killed in local shelters has decreased. Not only is this humane, it is a financial relief to the shelters - which are already strained - and to the taxpayers. Since 1994, they have placed an average of 100 dogs per year into new loving homes.

“It is an honor to be recognized for doing something I love to do,” said Nancy Anderson. “Working with the animals and with our community to ensure these pets find good, loving homes, is truly reward enough but receiving this recognition is like icing on the cake for all of us here at The Brittiany Foundation. We are a good team.  Thank you Senator Wilk.”

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