Wilk reaction to the Proposed Budget: Spend Smart on Critical Budget Priorities to Fix California

Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, issued the following statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget for California this morning:

“When you are facing a $22 billion shortfall and obligated to fund critical programs, the answer is to spend smarter,” said Wilk. “We have a challenge ahead of us and it is so important that we work together, with the utmost transparency in the budget process to make sure our key programs, like education, and critical services for our most vulnerable are covered,” said Wilk. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to address these spending challenges without negatively impacting California families.”

Anticipating the shortfall, Senate Republicans delivered a budget letter to Governor Newsom and legislative Democratic leaders today, which outlines key priorities. Click here to read the entire letter.

Below is an excerpt from the letter:

The LAO pointed out the following: “…in light of the magnitude of the recent augmentations, programs may not be working as expected, capacity issues may have constrained implementation, or other unforeseen challenges may have emerged. To address the budget problem for the upcoming year, these cases might provide the Legislature with areas for pause, delay, or reassessment.” We agree with this assessment. It is likely that we can balance the budget by cutting ineffective spending, or by halting previously approved funds that have not yet been actually spent, and thus balance the budget without negatively affecting the people of California.

The California Senate Republican Caucus outlined the following priorities:

  • Lower Gas Prices
  • Cut Costs for Renters
  • Prevent Wildfires
  • Build Water Storage
  • Commit to Kids, Cut Failing Projects
  • Tackle Crime
  • Empower Job Creators
  • Act on Homelessness