Wilk requests funding to help developmental and intellectual disability community

SACRAMENTO – Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, is fighting to see that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities obtain the services needed – and promised to them decades ago in the Lanterman Act.

“The voices of Californians with these types of disabilities often go unheard. Budgeting is about priorities and the needs of this community have frankly not been prioritized,” said Wilk. “Last year the Administration’s own provider rate study revealed that community based services were underfunded by almost two billion dollars. That study confirmed what we have been hearing for years – the system is chronically and tragically underfunded.”

Wilk is recommending the state budget prioritize funding and implementation of the 2019 developmental services provider rate study.  Wilk and Senate Republicans submitted a letter to Budget Committee Chairpersons, Senator Holly Mitchell and Assemblyman Phil Ting on this matter.

The letter can be found here.