Wilk Resolution Naming Korean-American Day Passes Assembly

SACRAMENTO –Today, Assemblyman Scott Wilk's, R-Santa Clarita, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 110 passed the Assembly unanimously. This measure, joint authored with Assemblywoman Young O. Kim, R-Fullerton, names January 13, 2016 as Korean-American Day.

“This resolution recognizes the important contributions that Korean Americans have made in America, especially California,” Wilk said. “I'm honored to present a resolution recognizing their countless achievements.”

ACR 110 passed unanimously and garnered bipartisan coauthors.

Wilk stated that “California's rich diversity is part of what makes our state great. It's important we highlight and celebrate the significant role Korean Americans play in our everyday lives.”

The day's events also included a Prayer Breakfast with various Korean Church Leaders. Assemblyman Wilk and Assemblywoman Kim then presented a resolution to Korean American Foundation, USA in the Assembly Chambers. Finally, a lunch was hosted in honor of the Korean Delegation.

“As a Korean American, I am proud of our heritage and the strong values of family, faith, and hard work that have been handed to us by previous generations,” said Kim. “I'm also humbled to represent such a diverse district that includes a vibrant Korean American community. I'm proud to present a resolution for the second year in a row honoring Korean American Day and recognizing the contributions of the community.”