Wilk Responds to Governor Brown's May Revise Budget Proposal

SACRAMENTO –Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, responded to the release of Governor Brown's May revision of the 2015-16 budget:

“I'm committed to working with Governor Brown to make additional investments in education and to pay down government debt, so we don't saddle our children with the errors of our ways.

Although I'm supportive of the additional $5.5 billion to K-14, it needs to be coupled with real reform so we can equip the next generation to compete in a global economy.

As co-author of the legislation that produced Proposition 2, the 'Rainy Day Fund', I'm pleased the fund will receive $633 million. It is important to keep faith with voters and not divert money from the reserve for impulse spending.

However, I'm concerned the Governor is earmarking $500 million from Cap and Trade funds to finance the High Speed Rail Project. This matter is being litigated and I believe it will be ruled an illegal use of AB 32 funds. It's time to have an honest discussion of the viability of the 'train to nowhere'.

The Governor's low-income tax credit is a step in the right direction in assisting the working class. However, we need to be addressing workers' compensation, tort reform and reducing the regulatory burden so entrepreneurs are willing to invest their capital so we can have true job creation.  So far the Governor has been AWOL on these issues.  The best social program is a job.”