Wilk says NO to $52 billion tax hike

SACRAMENTO – After casting a ‘No” vote on Senate Bill 1 (SB1), Senator Scott Wilk, R-Antelope Valley, released the following excerpts from his floor statement. SB 1 is a $52 billion transportation tax increase which includes a hike in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees.

“When I came to office in 2012 our state budget was $99 billion and this year’s proposed budget is $125.2 billion, yet the Governor has not increased road funding by a single dime.

“We’re told this $52 billion proposal will go to roads. That is not true. Only 60% of the funds will be applied to road maintenance and there’s zero funding for expansion of lane capacity….

“…I co-authored a real transportation plan that dedicated billions to road construction and maintenance, contained reforms and accountability measures to ensure monies were spent as promised without raising taxes.

“SB 1 will punish my constituents and ALL but the wealthiest of Californians – those who can afford to live near where they work and who drive brand new, fuel-efficient vehicles.”

Senator Wilk is a co-author of the transportation plan that would dedicate $7.8 billion of existing money to road repair, without raising taxes.