Wilk says 'no' to cap-and–trade extension that will crush working and middle class

Senator Scott Wilk, R-Antelope Valley, voted against the cap-and-trade legislation passed by the Senate today.

Wilk issued the following statement:

“California is the sixth largest economy in the world and produces less than one percent of the world’s carbon emissions, yet we are going to balance the world’s climate change on the backs of middle and working class Californians.

First, many of my constituents are forced to drive over 140 miles back and forth to their jobs because of the high cost of living in our urban centers. Piling another 70-cents per gallon, in addition to the 12-cent per gallon gas tax hike coming in November, is unsustainable for anyone but the wealthiest Californians.

Second, using cap-and-trade revenue to finance the High Speed Rail is an embarrassment.  Twenty-five percent of the revenues are slated for High Speed Rail, which will result in billions of dollars going to the train over time. The governor’s fantasy train should be derailed, not bolstered.

Lastly, giving unelected bureaucrats unchecked authority over how this program is implemented and enforced means it will have enormous power over ordinary Californians.  This is a dangerous precedent and something I fear will be bad for California’s consumers.”