Wilk statement on newly released majority party transportation package

Sacramento – Senator Scott Wilk, R - Antelope Valley, issued the following statement on the majority party transportation package:

“More taxes are not the answer to our transportation problems. In fact, Republican legislators have a plan to repurpose $6 billion to road maintenance and construction to fix our roads without raising taxes a single cent.

Californians already pay the highest taxes in the nation taxes toward our roads, but Democrats in the Legislature have redirected, repurposed and redistributed our money to pork-barrel projects and gubernatorial pipe-dreams like high speed rail, rather than taking action on our failing roads.

The 21st Senate District, with its nearly 200,000 daily commuters, is impacted the most by our dilapidated highways and likewise we’ll be hit hardest by any tax hikes. I will continue to fight to protect the pocketbooks of my constituents and to fight attempts to raise their taxes. We need reforms, not another money grab.”