Wilk's bill to extend statute of limitations for Aliso Canyon victims fails in committee

SACRAMENTO –Today, Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, presented Assembly Bill 1902 to extend the statute of limitations for someone to file a civil action suit based upon exposure to methane, benzene, mercaptan, or any other hazardous or toxic materials resulting from the Aliso Canyon gas leak.  The measure was opposed by the majority party and failed on a party line vote in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

“During public testimony at town hall meetings, my constituents shared that their number one concern from the gas leak is the potential harm to their long-term health having been exposed to hazardous materials,” Wilk said. “State regulators repeatedly claimed there would be no long-term health effects to the victims of the leak. As a result, it's clear to me there should be no harm in establishing a separate statute of limitations for the victims.”

AB 1902 was intended to ensure the residents of Porter Ranch and other affected communities have an appropriate amount of time to take action if any unforeseen problems related to their health arise as a result of the gas leak.  The statute of limitations measure was meant to protect affected communities' health and rights, and ensure the future well-being of California.