Wilk’s Bills Clear Senate Appropriations

Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) announces that his Senate Bills 947, 1089, and 1271 (SB 947, SB 1089, and SB 1271) have all passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee and will be heard on the Senate Floor during the week of May 23.

“I will continue to advocate for my constituents and for all California families, and put the government to work in service of the people. My core legislative package of SB 947 and SB 1271 calls for accountability, transparency, and affordability, and SB 1089 will provide better care to some of our state’s most vulnerable residents. I am encouraged that all three measures are on their way for a full Senate floor vote and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Assembly over the summer to ensure the success of these bills,” said Wilk. 

--SB 947 would expand state employee whistleblower protections to workers employed by companies that are awarded large state contracts. This will help protect valuable state funding from being wasted or used in a way that is inefficient or dangerous to public health and safety. 

--SB 1089 would allow an eye-care provider to obtain eyeglasses for an individual on Medi-Cal from the California Prison Industry Authority (CalPIA) or from a private entity. Under current law, these providers can only obtain eyeglasses for Medi-Cal beneficiaries from the PIA, a system that is fraught with issues. This bill will better ensure that these patients receive high-quality eyeglasses. 

--SB 1271 would add accountability to the extension or renewal of large no-bid contracts by requiring state agencies to submit information on the terms and conditions of these contracts to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. The committee would then have the information necessary to conduct oversight hearings if needed before a contract is renewed or extended.

Senate Bill’s 947, 1089, and 1271 will need to pass off of the Senate Floor and head over to the California State Assembly by Friday, May 27, in order to meet the Legislature’s “House of Origin” deadline.