Wilk's oversight of LA County trauma care dollars legislation clears the Senate

Measure moves to the Assembly for consideration

SACRAMENTO – Today, Senator Scott Wilk, R- Antelope Valley, announces that Senate Bill (SB 792), a measure to establish an oversight commission for Los Angeles County Measure B trauma funding has passed the Senate and is headed to the Assembly for its consideration.

“Last evening’s vote is good news for residents of the Antelope Valley. It sends a clear message to LA County, that this inequity will no longer be tolerated and needs to be fixed,” said Wilk. “In 2014 the State Auditor urged the Board of Supervisors to bring about an oversight body for these funds, but the recommendation was snubbed by the Board.”

Approximately $190 million of the $250 million in trauma fund revenue is siphoned off to three county run hospitals, one of which isn’t even a trauma center. The pittance remaining is used to meet the rest of the County’s trauma care needs. For example, Antelope Valley Hospital is the 15th busiest emergency room in the nation and one of LA County’s busiest trauma centers. The hospital sees 12 percent of LA County trauma and ER patients annually yet receives less than 5% of Measure B funds.

“Today the Senate is telling the Board to get off the dime and make sure this money is distributed fairly. While I am supportive of LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s efforts to rectify this at the local level, I have only one goal and that is to ensure the Antelope Valley receives an equitable share of trauma funding,” continued Wilk. “I will continue my work on SB 792 until that happens.”

SB 792 cleared the Senate unanimously. Its next stop will be the Assembly Rules committee where it will be referred to a policy committee.