Wilk’s Statement on Democrat’s Partisan Wildfire Package – A Good Start but Not Enough

Today Senator Scott Wilk, representing California’s 21st Senate District, issued the following statement on the passage of legislation that invests $536 million in California’s efforts to mitigate its ever-growing vulnerability to wildfires:

“Wildfires have affected almost every community in California – including my own. They are devastating. While I am supportive of today’s bill and glad to see my colleagues across the aisle join Republicans in calling for vegetation management to harden our forests, it is naïve to believe that this bill offers any type of long-term solution,” said Wilk. “There is no ongoing funding for desperately needed management of our forests, nor is there any mention of easing the regulatory hurdles that have crippled wildfire mitigation efforts for years. These are issues that should have been – and could have been - addressed today or even a decade ago. If only the Democrats would attach the same sense of urgency to wildfire mitigation efforts that they have to electric vehicle subsidies, we would all be in a better, safer position today.”