Wilk’s Statement on Governor’s ‘Recall Reopening’

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Today, Governor Newsom announced he expected the state to return to a more normal, pre-pandemic days and to open the economy by June 15. If this is true, and the state can open safely, it is time to end the emergency authority given to the Governor last March when the pandemic began.

Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) reacts to Governor Newsom’s announcement:

“It is amazing what a recall can do to eradicate a pandemic. For months, the Governor has ignored science and data. If the Governor’s predictions hold true, and the ‘recall reopening’ actually happens, this is great news for our students, families, and business community. It also means the Governor’s emergency authority should come to an end. Because if you believe him, we are out of the woods. Right?”

Senate Republicans have introduced legislation to end the Governor’s Emergency Power:

  • Senate Concurrent 5 (Melendez): would restore the balance of power to three co-equal branches and terminate the Governor’s emergency power.
  • Senate Bill 448 (Melendez): would require future emergency orders to be narrow in scope and limited in duration.
  • Senate Bill 209: (Dahle): would require the legislature to revisit the Governor’s emergency power after 45 days.