This content is being updated to include his 2018 Legislation.

SB 139 – Synthetic Drugs

Allows cities and counties to regulate or ban synthetic drugs.
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SB 146 – CEMEX Mega-Mine

Reopens the public comment on the proposed CEMEX “mega-mine” development in Soledad Canyon. The project has been in the works for decades but has faced steep public opposition and presents several potential hazards to the area. SB 146 would reopen public comment on water allocation permits with the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) after 25 years post filing date.
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SB 259 – Fine for Pinocchio-Like Bureaucrats

Imposes $20,000 in civil liability for a state agency or department head who knowingly submits a false or misleading report to the legislature.  Double referred to Senate Committee on Governmental Organization and Judiciary.
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SB 283 – Changing Developmental Disability

Changes the “age of onset” definition of developmental disability from age 18 to 22.
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SB 341 - Accountability/Government Oversight

Allows for an extension of the terms of members that serve on bond oversight committees to provide better oversight and consistency.

SB 467 - Remote Appearance in Courts

Modernizes and resolves issues concerning the use of technology in remote court appearances.

SB 634 - Water District Creation

Creates the Santa Clarita Valley Water District as a public entity.
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SB 792- Measure B Trauma Funding Oversight

Establishes an oversight commission for the LA County trauma network and Measure B funding equity disparities.
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