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April 30, 2018

Sunshine and High Taxes

3 20 update HSR

Senator Wilk’s remarks in Budget Subcommittee 3.8.18

February 7, 2018

At your Service

November 8, 2017

Veterans Day

Wednesday with Wilk, being prepared in the event of a natural disaster 9.6.17

Wednesday with Wilk. Legislative shell game 8.30.17

Wednesday with Wilk – the Legislature’s back in session. Hold onto your wallet 8.23.17

Fire Prevention Week October 8-14th

Wednesday with Wilk – Congrats to Pacific Lock Company 7.19.2017

Wednesday with Wilk – Legislature just made buying a home more expensive 07122017

Wednesday with Wilk: 4th of July message 7.5.17

Wednesday with Wilk – Audit needed of LA County spending on homeless 6.28.17

Senator Wilk’s remarks against budget proposal to restructure the Board of Equalization 6.15.17


8-31-16 Assemblyman Scott Wilk comments in budget committee on SB 859

6-21-16 Assemblyman Scott Wilk - Press conference on proposed changes to Proposition 47


Time Warner Cable Local Edition on Education*

CalChannel Interview with Assemblyman Das Williams*

May 28, 2014

Say What?*

December 10, 2013

Say What? High Speed Rail*

July 15, 2013

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Say What? AB1401*

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Say What?*

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Say What? State Budget*

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Say What?*

February 7, 2013

ACR 5- Ronald Reagan Day*